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So you want to be a Spartan? Part 1

How PEAQ coaches Sean, Jaimi and Sam prepared for the Channel 7, Australian Spartan obstacle course.

So where do you even start to prepare for a TV show? Maybe you are interested in applying for a TV show or are just interested in what it takes. The journey for team ‘Family Ties’ began at the application process in October 2017 and below are some handy tips for starting the process:

1. Find a show you identify with and that excites you:

When considering if you should sign up for a TV show, you should choose something that excites you and that aligns with your passions, interests, or is just something that you have always wanted to do. The process from beginning to end could span quite a few months and at times can be intensive. As such, it is important to be genuinely interested in the project, which will help with the way you present yourself and most importantly increase your chances of enjoying the ride.

2. Think about who or what inspires you: What inspired us to be apart of Australian Spartan?

“I was inspired to be apart of Australian Spartan because I had experienced a Spartan race for the first time a few months prior to auditioning for the show. A client of mine invited me to compete alongside with her for motivation and advice. I had never competed in an obstacle course race before that and I loved the mentality behind the training and competition”. (Sean Baker (@s.c.baker)

“I was inspired to be a part of Australian Spartan because I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone, alongside two people who I knew would push me to my limits whilst supporting me every step of the way”. Jaimi  A’court (@jaimi_jay)

“I was inspired to be apart of Australian Spartan because of my brother in law. Sean’s passion for his business, balanced lifestyle and dedication made me want to improve where I was at that time in my life in all aspects. After just turning 18 and struggling to get through my final year of school, this gave me a focus and drive to enable myself to train and compete at higher levels and reaching places id only dreamed of. I want to get myself to a point where I can help others learn more about themselves through health and fitness”. Sam A’court (@s.acourt)

3. Specifically in our circumstance, choose your teammates (wisely):

Australian Spartan was very specific in reiterating that the course was going to be a brutal test of teamwork and that “no one would triumph alone”. As such, it was imperative that we choose our team members appropriately. It was important to us that our team mates were people who we had an existing bond with, that we could trust, that we could communicate openly with and that could push each other beyond our physical and metal abilities. We were extremely lucky to have this combination of qualities between us already. At times our relationships were pushed, we were tired and anxious at what was to come. However, upon reflection these things brought us even closer together through a once in a lifetime experience.

4. Follow the specific application process:

Each TV show is going to have its own application process. If you are looking to apply make sure you are clear on all of the requirements and guidelines to give yourself the best opportunity at being selected. Additionally, be punctual with your replies, follow all instructions and have all the necessary paperwork prepared and filled in. TV shows are major productions with a lot of working pieces. If you can make the process as easy as possible for the production team chances are you will be in the good books.

5. Stand out!

By nature, TV shows are going to attract large numbers of applications. If you are serious about wanting to feature on the show have a think about why the audience would want to watch you. You do not have to be fake, or manufactured to stand out, you just have to have a look into your own life and be willing to be transparent.

6. Send out positive vibes to the universe:

It may sound silly but straight after our initial application had been emailed to the producers we began training as if we had already been accepted. This maximized our training time, put us in the right mindset and created energy that we put out into the universe to manifest our own future.

Once you have done all of this you have made a really good start for your journey to preparing for a fitness/ obstacle based TV show.

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