900g Pure Carbs- Dextrose BOOSTER PACK




Are you trying to put on size? If you add 1 scoop of PEAQ’s Pure Carbs to your PEAQ Whey Protein Shake… you will be giving yourself the essential energy that you need to fuel your growth and recovery.

By separating Whey Protein and Pure Carbs… PEAQ gives you absolute control over your nutritional intake, as well as your serving sizes. Stop buying cheap Mass Gainer Protein powders that are full of fillers and nutritionally irrelevant substances!

Ideal to add into your shake (alongside Whey Protein), immediately after a workout, training or game, to ensure you keep your caloric intake up!

1 x 900g bag of our Pure Carbs, gives you 30 serves of Mass Gaining Goodness ๐Ÿ™‚


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