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Meet the team: Sean Baker

Meet Head PEAQ Conditioning Coach, Sean Baker.

Qualifications: Bachelor in Applied Health Sciences (Human Movement), Master’s Degree in Strength and Conditioning, Level 2 ASCA Coach

Why I got into the industry: I originally got into the industry because of my love for Elite sport. I knew that I was never skilful enough to make it to the top level, however I wanted to combine my ability to be able to push myself beyond personal limits, with the culture that is involved in Elite sport settings.

An important lesson that I’ve learnt so far in my career is: I have learnt that reputation and respect within this industry is earned and not just given. So many people come straight out of their Study and think that they will immediately walk straight into a full time fitness role, working with 30+ Clients, or an Elite sporting team. The reality is, it is nothing like that at all… it takes months or even years of voluntary/low-paid roles, along with hours worth of free training sessions in order to show people how hard you are willing to work and the quality of your work.

A career highlight: Any of the Premiership wins that I have been a part of as a Strength and Conditioning Coach (4 so far)… however the 2015 League GF probably stands above the rest! Outside of the Sporting aspect, I loved holding the hand of my client Simon (who has severe Cerebral Palsy) and helping walk 3km in the City to Bay.

My favourite part about the fitness industry is: Seeing the joy that you can bring to people by showing them that they can do things they never thought possible.

My clients hate it when I: Miss count reps, or ‘accidentally’ leave the timer running for longer than I originally promised!

In my spare time you’ll find me: Trying to sneak in my own workouts, or playing with my Labrador and Beagle.

Advice I have for anyone looking to get into this industry: This industry can be amazing to work in… you just have to be willing to put hard work in. Short term sacrifices lead to long term rewards!

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