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PEAQ Recipe: Super Green Smoothie

Smoothie recipes seem to be one of the most popular food options when it comes to healthy eating, and rightly so! They are so versatile and can be consumed as a whole meal or snack and are good when on the go. When the right ingredients are chosen, smoothies can be a great source of nutrients, filling and not to mention delicious.

If you are fussy about eating greens, smoothies are one of the easiest and tastiest ways to get those extra greens in your body.

A common ingredient in smoothies is protein powders. This is beneficial as it will keep you feeling fuller for longer and is vital for recovery and refuelling after training. However, there is often a lot of confusion, fear and lack of knowledge amongst the general public regarding what protein powder is good for and which ones are the best for your body. (If you are interested in finding out more about this, read our post “Which supplements are suitable for me?”).

Additionally, when searching through the ingredients list for the majority of protein powders, you can generally find a range of substances that you have never heard of and an abundance of fillers/preservatives/additives that are dressed up with exotic names. In 2016, PEAQ contacted an Australian Manufacturer in order to create a clean and healthy supplement range that could be provided to clients/athletes and would ensure that they have peace of mind when it comes to quality and legality.

After months of work refining the blends, the flavours and the nutritional values, we developed a PEAQ Protein WPI (available in chocolate and vanilla).

When compared to similar products produced by other brands, Protein by PEAQ contains:

  • More Protein
  • Less Carbohydrates and Sugars
  • Less Fats
  • Less Sodium

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Super Green Smoothie

You will need:

1 Large Banana

1 Scoop of Protein by PEAQ (vanilla)

Handful of spinach leaves

Handful of Frozen Mango pieces

Chia seeds

1 cup of water


1 Tablespoon of Honey OR *Rice Malt Syrup

1 Teaspoon of *Spirulina Powder OR greens powder

Note: The more water you put into the smoothie the thinner the consistency, less water = thicker consistency. Play with the amount of water you add to your smoothie to suit your personal taste preference.

*Rice Malt Syrup: is a natural sweetener made from brown rice. We suggest the Pureharvest Rice Malt Syrup. You can find this particular brand or plenty of others in most supermarkets or health food stores.

*Spirulina: is a protein-rich algae full of antioxidants which provides an array of health befits. We like to use the Natures Way SuperFood Spirulina. You can find this particular brand or plenty of others in most super markets or health food stores.

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