Sally (20) Cheerio Phoenix Netball Club

I first started working with Sean at PEAQ Conditioning Coaching when I wanted to become more toned before my overseas trip. I had recently lost a lot of weight but was still feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. The results I have achieved since working with Sean have had a huge impact on my self-confidence, and even more dramatically on my Netball performance. I was relatively active but always found myself exhausted during and after games.

Since working with Sean, and following his training programs before netball Pre-Season started, I have significantly improved my anaerobic and aerobic capacity. I have also gained muscular strength. This has enabled me to make stronger passes to my team mates and move off my opponents faster. Another major improvement I have noticed is my core strength. Core strength plays a major part in any sports person’s overall performance. Working on my core strength has helped me stand up tall and improve my balance and stability when defending the ball.

Plyometric training was another area Sean has helped me improve on. Explosive exercises such as jumping are important in Netball, especially in defence to grab the oppositions rebound.

Since working with Sean, I have never felt so fit and strong in my whole life. I have improved my game significantly and have even been considered for the Squad side at my netball club, Cheerio Phoenix. Sean’s hard work, dedication, motivation and expert knowledge has without a doubt helped me become the player I am today. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who wants to improve their sports performance or just wants to get fit.


Zane Kirkwood (24) Sturt Football Club and winner of the 2014 Magery Medal

Sean from PEAQ Conditioning Coaching is the best trainer that I have worked with. He is always motivating and engaged in what you are doing whilst getting the most out of every minute in every single session. His knowledge of specific training for different sports and individuals, along with his knowledge of the human body are second to none. This combination of knowledge along with professionalism made him awesome to work with.

If you want to be trained at an elite standard by an elite teacher, Sean from PEAQ Conditioning Coaching is your man!






Lynette Woods (50) Henley Surf Life Saving Club

I first met Sean 2 years ago through my daughter who at the time was training with him for weightlifting. Sean mentioned he would tailor make my program specifically to suit my needs for swimming and board paddling.

I recently competed in Masters Surf Life Saving and was pleasantly surprised as throughout the competition I felt the fittest I had been in previous years. The program that I had completed with Sean helped me to switch on the correct muscle groups during my events which improved my efficiency throughout each exercise. I felt confident as my body was strong therefore mentally more focussed. This increase in performance contributed towards winning 3 medals at the Masters event. Sean always makes the sessions fun and varies the program.




Chris Schmidt (26) Captain of the West Adelaide Football Club

In 2014 our club had suffered through a large number of soft tissue injuries and we were low on numbers when it came to training and game days. As a club we have approximately 60 guys on our senior list however at some stages less than 50% of these players were training with the main group.

Sean began writing and prescribing Strength and Conditioning programs at the West Adelaide Football Club at the start of the 2015 pre-season. When he first arrived at the club, he put us through a number of tests to see where we stood in terms of fitness and strength. From here he personalised both strength and fitness programs for each of the players to ensure that everyone was getting as much out of training as they possibly could. No matter whether an individual was an established senior player, a youngster completing their first senior pre-season, an individual carrying an injury or someone who was able to complete full training, Sean’s programs catered for everyone’s specific needs. Every 4 weeks the program would change to ensure that we completed it long enough to experience the benefits of each program without it getting too tedious. Due to his focus on personalising programs for each player, our numbers on the track have significantly increased as the pre-season went on. We have also been re-tested in our fitness and strength measures which have substantially improved throughout the whole group.

I recommend PEAQ Conditioning Coaching to anyone who wants to complete a challenging program with a lot of variety that will improve their fitness, improve their strength and reduce their chance of injury.


Daniel Lees (30) Former Port Adelaide Magpie and Current Coach/Player at Goolwa Magpies Football Club

I have had the pleasure of training under Sean for the Port Magpies in the SANFL and quickly warmed to his committed and professional approach to elite training methods. Always on time, organised and willing to go a little further to help someone with the desire to improve was perhaps his best quality. Didn’t matter who you were, or how many games you had played, Sean was always very keen to help you improve.

Recently I was looking for some variety in weight training so I got back in contact with Sean. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a training program from someone when looking for more advanced training exercises. Within a week, I was already at the gym with Sean, as he insisted on running through the program with me to make sure I was happy with the 3 day program he had put together. This individual service is something that can be hard to find with personal trainers at times so I couldn’t be happier.

If you are looking to improve yourself, no matter what level you are currently at, get in contact with Sean at PEAQ Conditioning Coaching and get started!



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