Technique Analysis

PEAQ’s Technique Analysis service is designed to provide our clients with comprehensive feedback on any type of skill or exercise you believe you need to improve on, or you would just like peace of mind that you are conducting it properly. We have gathered a wide variety of elite coaches in order to cover an array of sports so that we can cater for a multitude of local athletes.

Some examples of skill/exercise techniques you may want analysed by the PEAQ team are-

– Batting (Cricket, Baseball etc.)
– Bowling (Cricket, Baseball etc.)
– Gym Exercises
– Kicking (AFL, Soccer)
– Goal Shooting (Netball)
– Running

All you have to do is upload a video of yourself completing the skill/exercise along with your contact details and you will receive feedback on your technique, advice on how to improve it as well as examples of the gold standard!

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