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Are you involved in running a pre-season program for your local sporting club? Sometimes coaches/players can have a great knowledge of the game and are fantastic at teaching others about the skills that are involved in a particular sport, however they are a bit unsure about just how to structure a fitness program. There are so many aspects that must be accounted for when planning a pre-season fitness program and there can be serious consequences if the correct balance of these aspects is not maintained. Both overtraining and undertraining can lead to injuries and can have detrimental impacts on performance.

If you would like the PEAQ conditioning team to customize a pre-season training program for your local sporting club, click the link below. Along with a session by session map of your pre-season program, you will receive full access to one of our coaches for any further advice and tips that you may need along the way!

The coaches at PEAQ have had experience in writing programs for a number of sports at both elite and local levels so you can be confident in knowing that we completely understand the demands and obstacles that may be faced throughout this period of training.

So go ahead and fill out the form below to reduce your stress as a coach, give yourself the opportunity to focus on skills/gameplay and ensure that your athletes are in PEAQ physical condition leading into your season!


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