Firefighter PAT Program


In recent times, Firefighting has become one of the most sought after careers around the world. In Adelaide (South Australia) alone, there have been instances of almost 3000 applicants when a new intake has become available. The role of a Firefighter, is to protect any given community in which they work in, from Fire Hazards, Chemical Hazards, Motor Vehicle Accidents, along with a number of other dangerous situations.

It is vital that anyone who is a Firefighter or is interested in becoming a Firefighter, is physically fit enough to be able to adequately undertake these dangerous tasks, with a great deal of accuracy and composure. Firefighters often have people’s lives in their hands and need to make extremely important decisions while under duress.

It is for these reasons, that Firefighting services have implemented a strict fitness testing protocol throughout the recruitment process.

These tests are aimed at determining your ability to be able to undertake Firefighter specific tasks and STRICTLY follow instructions that are given by an examiner, while under fatigue.


Thankfully PEAQ has come to the rescue and created the ‘Firefighter PAT Program’!!

Although the PEAQ Firefighter PAT Program cannot directly assist you in strictly following an examiner’s instructions, it is aimed at improving your performance in Firefighter Intake, Physical Aptitude Tests, as well as getting you to a fitness/strength level in which you are able to carry out orders more accurately, as your fatigue levels in the Tests will be lower (due to your improved fitness/strength levels).

This program provides you with exercises for each Test, that are going to help you with the movement demands/muscle group strengthening that will aid in the improvement of your performance.

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