1kg PEAQ Whey Protein (CHOC or VANILLA)


Our 100% Natural Whey Protein (flavoured with STEVIA and COCOA) is the perfect companion to a healthy fitness lifestyle. Consuming a shake that is Gluten, Additive and Preservative Free, will ensure that you are providing your body with CLEAN fuel for training and competition. Tastes great mixed with water or milk as a stand alone shake OR mixed into a Smoothie with oats, fruit and honey etc…  Contains a the ideal amount of protein to help replenish your muscles, whilst helping you to feel and look great!

Suggestion: It all comes down to personal taste, but we suggest that if you are having a Shake by itself for post workout nutrition or a meal replacement, CHOCOLATE tastes amazing!… If you are mixing your Protein into a shake for breaky in the morning with a range of Fruits and Vegetables, VANILLA is ideal 🙂

1kg = 33 serves