About Us

Currently the health and fitness industry is experiencing an incredible boom. The amount of information and opinions about training principles, exercise techniques and nutrition can often be overwhelming as well as misleading.
Slowly but surely people are beginning to recognise the importance that Strength and Conditioning (based on evidence and prescribed by qualified Coaches) has when it comes to attaining their physiological goals.
PEAQ Conditioning Coaching has been developed by Coaches who have significant qualifications, combined with years of industry experience. They have recognised the substantial gap that lies between athletes at an elite level who have an abundance of resources to help them to achieve their optimal physiological performance; compared to athletes at a grass roots level who up to this point have lacked the opportunity to improve their physical performance to their greatest potential.


PEAQ aims to offer Personalised, Evidence-based, Applied and Qualified conditioning coaching to any person of any level, age or gender who aspires to improve the way they move and perform.


After contracting out of a number of other facilities during it’s initial years, PEAQ opened it’s very own Strength and Conditioning facility in early 2019. The facility is located at 10 Endeavour Drive, Port Adelaide, South Australia and includes the following features…
    • 24/7 Access to Members
    • Group Classes (5:45am and 6pm Weekdays)
    • A 20m x 9m Basketball Court
    • Fitness Testing Equipment
    • Cardio Machines, Lifting Platforms, Dumbells up to 60kg, Cable Machines, Cali. Bars and so much more…


Our Personalised Programs at www.peaq.com.au will be completely adjusted to your needs. Not only will you be equipped with both strength and fitness programs to guide you on your journey to improvement, you will also be provided with instant feedback at the end of every session to see how you have progressed individually and compared to others that are physiologically similar to yourself.


Our highly qualified and experienced Staff are here to help you with ANY physiological goal you may have! Whether you want to…
    • Enhance your physical performance
    • Improve Strength
    • Lose Weight
    • Gain Weight
    • Improve Mobility
    • or anything between…
We will implement the most up to date training principles in order to assist you in your journey!


To coincide with this Programming, PEAQ offers Supplements in which the ingredients have been hand-picked by PEAQ Head Coach, Sean Baker. The Supplements have been manufactured to ensure that you have peace of mind about the Nutritional Intake you are consuming, while providing your body with the fuel it needs to recover and perform at your best!
Join PEAQ to improve yourself and to close the gap between local and elite!


Sean Baker
Bcs Applied Human Movement and Health Sciences, MSc Exercise Science/Strength and Conditioning.
Sean began his journey at the University of South Australia where he studied a Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences and Human Movement. During this study he completed 18 months of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) experience with the Port Adelaide Magpies Football Club (SANFL) before earning a 12 month internship with the S&C team at the Adelaide Crows Football Club (AFL). Upon completion of the undergraduate degree and the internship, Sean began his Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning via Edith Cowan University and acquired a position as an assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at the Woodville West Torrens Football Club (SANFL). At this time, he started a Personal Training Business out of the club’s facilities, aimed at applying methods he had learnt at Elite level sport to the wider community. After two years at Woodville and during his final year of the Masters Degree, Sean obtained the Head Strength and Conditioning position at the West Adelaide Football Club (SANFL) along with the position of Conditioning Coach at the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy. In his first year as Head of Strength and Conditioning at the West Adelaide Football Club, he played a pivotal role in the Club’s first League premiership in 32 years. Sean is now back at the Port Adelaide Football Club, designing and implementing Strength and Conditioning Programs for the Power Academy Athletes, as well as the SANFL listed Players. In early 2019, Sean decided to expand the business by opening a private Strength and Conditioning facility in Port Adelaide, aiming to enhance his ability to provide opportunities for people to undertake elite programs as well as providing pathways for aspiring strength and conditioning coaches. His passion and willingness to further his knowledge through continued higher-level study ensures that he will provide each and every client with the most up to date and effective training protocol in order to create optimal results.
Jaimi Baker
Bcs (Hons) Psychological Science, 200hr Master Yoga Certification.
Jaimi is passionate about treating a person as a ‘whole’ through examining psychological, biological, social and cultural components of an individual’s life. She was accepted to the University of Adelaide to study a Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2013 (3 year degree) and successfully completed this degree in November 2015. She then completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) during 2016. During this time, she completed a research thesis titled “Barriers and facilitators to accessing Autism Spectrum Disorder services: A thematic analysis of the experiences of newly arrived families with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds”. Additionally, she has four years of experience as an Applied Behavioural Analysis therapist; working to provide in home behavioural therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum, aged 2-8 years. During her 4 years of study, she worked at a swimming centre in a role, which allowed her to combine her psychological knowledge, ABA qualifications and swim instructing experience. Once commencing her University studies, Jaimi completed a 200hr Master Yoga Certification which allowed her to teach the importance of caring for the mind and the body as a whole rather than two separate entities. She delivers a range of yoga modalities ranging from gentle stretching aimed at optimizing recovery, mobility and range of movement education, mindfulness-based meditation all the way through to energizing yoga flows.Her extensive knowledge in psychological theories, experience in behaviour analysis and personal background in sport has inspired a unique multidisciplinary approach to health and fitness. Jaimi is passionate about combining the mind and the body to ensure that each individual reach’s their wellness goals.


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